What is 5d?

5d Consciousness - You have a 3D Body, 4D Mind, and 5d Soul

So you’ve got a 3D Body, but that ain’t the end of your story.

You’ve also got a 4D Mind, as it’s rollin’ through time.

And then you’ve got a 5d Soul and there’s so much more of you to know.

It’s all in flow.

It’s your energy.

It’s a frequency.

The vibration of love.

Pure consciousness endless.

States of Consciousness

Our ancestors have told and retold countless stories of the 5th dimension of consciousness. The heavens, an expanded feeling of loving awareness, a lightness of pure bliss, a state you don’t wanna miss. Alas, many beings live primarily in the lower frequency consciousness states of fear, jealousy, hate, lack and suffering. However, we are raising the frequency of the planet to 5d together in an ascension process. So long as we continue to play our part, humanity can and will continue on this ascension process to shift into the higher and higher states of consciousness towards 5d where love, joy and blissful zen are the dominant vibration.

Map of consciousness levels including 5d consciousness

Everything is energy

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell  and touch is actually energy. 3 Dimensional reality is made solid when the frequency (vibration) of energy is slow enough to be perceived this way. Feelings and thoughts or consciousness is energy as well. By deliberately focusing our intention and attention on high frequency thoughts, we help to create a higher frequency experience of reality. When we lead with our 5th dimensional soul in this way, we contribute to creating heaven on Earth.

5d Frequency

By raising our own frequency, we raise the frequency of the field around us, and that ripples out to others. A ripple with enough energy and momentum can become a massive tidal wave. The 5d love wave is sweeping the globe now and you are a part of it. We’d like to thank you for your love and light work during this pivotal time in Earth’s history. Stay tuned to 5d for more coming soon.

-Channelled by Marz5d of Martian Circus

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