Many Ways to Serve

At The Martian Circus we express our love by creating 5d art and activations
through many potent mediums.


Expand 5d Consciousness for the greatest
synchronistic harmony of Earth and her people.


Transcendant experiences where contactees  
are empowered to consciously create their reality, lead with love, and be their most authentic selves.


Find your power to create change by
making contact with your inner being.

5d Music

We are Extra-Ordinary Terrestrials here on Earth to raise the vibration to the frequency of 5d, with the most potent Martian technology we have, the sound of our love.
Band lead by channeler, cosmic orchestrator & host Marz5d
Marathon performances by multi-instrumentalists
Live music channeled in the NOW for maximum potency of the 5d frequency.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Immersive 5d Experiences

The most potent way to induce a consciousness shift to 5d is to be completely immersed in the vibration. Using our patented 5d Martian Technology Analogue Augmented Reality we will inevitably induct you into the Martian Circus level of consciousness.
Festival stages & immersive interactive art environments
Portal Parties in 5d
Private celebrations and estate takeovers

5d Fashion

With SOUL on every sleeve, tune your 3D body to your 5d Soul with 5dCouture!

High vibe wearable UV blacklight art channeled for your higher self. Each piece is a hand painted one of a kind work of 5d Art, just like you!
5d Streetwear
5d Couture
Custom Orders
Visit the store
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

5d Sound Healings

A musical journey for healing and activation.
5th dimensional frequencies
Super psychedelic sound vibrations
Private Sessions available

5d Art Installations

5d Art Installations raise the frequency of the space and of anyone who interacts with it. This has tremendous affects upon their vibrational health and wealth. Contactees may experience sudden transcendence, an utmost sense of joy, inner stillness and a deep pervading feeling of love.
Public Art
Club, Venue, Office and Home Upgrades to 5d Frequency
Street Art & Murals
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Sessions & Journeys

We create the container for expansion and facilitate your healing and activation.
Love Portal Painting Sessions
5d Martian Light-Language Channeling
Private and Public Experiences

Close Encounters in 5d

Share your 5d experiences and potent memories of transformation and celebration of the vibration!
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Joe doe
Festival Goer
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Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service

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