Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service

Welcome to the Martian Circus,

Where an Extra-Ordinary Terrestrial Experience awaits you!

Step right up! Step into the portal as we enter the 5th dimension.

What you seek is within!

If you’ve been led here then you are most likely a Martian Starseed of some sort, soooo welcome home! As we Martians on Earth find each other, we come together at the Martian Circus, to raise the vibration of humanity, through co-creating and experiencing 5d activations, dance medicine, Martian light-language channeling, sacred silliness, and freedom of expression.

Join us on the 5dTour as we bring together our cosmic soul family, dance for peace, joy, and to share beautiful vibrant 5d love energy with the community. This experience will truly be a momentous occasion, which will be felt for generations to come.


Here at The Martian Circus, immersed in 5d Art and ultraviolet light, the people are the attractions. All portal passengers are encouraged to dress as your most fantastic, high-vibrational and fabulous self, shining your unique expression bright! This is your call to be YOU! The YOU that wants to come out and play! The YOU that is beaming joy, gratitude and abundance behind the mask of the 3D Matrix. The YOU that is the YOUniverse expressing its love in the most potent ways possible. The YOU that loves to dress colorfully bold, wild and weird. That being said, if you resonate the most in all black, we welcome you too; as in art, black is the presence of all colors. All are welcome to show their soul at the 5d Fashion Show of The Martian Circus.

Each Martian Circus is as unique as the beings that are present. Martian Circus is known for immersive blacklight 5d art environments, interactive stage performances, marathon sets of multi-instrumental live music channeled in the moment and memorable audience participation. Catch this once in a lifetime experience in town while you can!

5d Tour on sale now! - Martian Circus - Live in 5d for 1 night only!

Come one! Come all! Join us Saturday June 8 at The Template in Ocean Beach in beautiful San Diego, CA.  Doors open at 8:30pm, opening ceremony to commence at 9pm.  Enjoy the musical journey activation until 1am.  

Guests are encouraged to dress in neon for this psychedelic immersive ultra violet 5d (blacklight) party. This is the perfect time to rock our 5dCouture if you have it! A 5dCouture Boutique will be on site at the show to add hand painted 5d Art accessories to your attire or acquire a whole new 5d wardrobe! If you’d rather explore our hand painted one of a kind wearable art at home, find us at

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