Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service
Martian Circus, at your service

A portal to grow your spirit, activate your higher self, and tune to the frequency of 5d. Join us in celebration of Miami's Psychedelic Week for an out of this world psychedelic 5d experience.

You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in colorful vibrant visionary art, channeled high vibe live music, in a cozy environment to let loose in the experience and connect with the 5d frequency and community.

With your hosts Marz & Zara 5d of Martian Circus, please join us for an epic journey through the dimensions as we raise the vibration of Earth together.

Portal opens at 10pm on Saturday, November 11, 2023 and will gather until sunrise. Please aim to arrive before 11:11pm for our 5d Portal Ceremony on this 11/11 @ 11:11p timeline.

The 5d timeline always flow in divine time. This event will include:

Immersive ultra-violet 5d art

Live music performances by Martian Circus (after 11:11pm ceremony)

Hand crafted ELIXIRS curated for the experience

"Zip Around the Dip" - Organic vegan appetizers

Juice of Life Experience

Sunrise 5d Sound Healing

5d Conscious Community

Freedom to express your highest self

Multi- Sensory activations and offerings

5d Consciousness upgrades and Light Language Codes

Indoor and Outdoor lounges

Swimming Pool (clothing optional)

**The Martian Circus thrives on creative collaborations with our community, please feel free to bring anything you would like to share - presence, love, healing tools and modalities, fresh organic fruit, etc

**Suggested dress code: miami neon (fluorescent), extra-ordinary attire, and/or our very own 5dCouture (available for purchase onsite)

**This is an alcohol, meat and dairy free environment. Please remove shoes indoors. Thank you for honoring the 5d temple.

**This event is 21+

**Address will be emailed to all guests on the Eventbrite order confirmation email. This event is in the Plantation area.

Find us on IG: @martiancircus or

Listen to the Martian Circus album on Spotify:

Contact us with questions.

Thank you ,


Marz & Zara 5d

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